Smart Support for De-Addiction from the best Centers

Treatment of drug addiction from the rehabilitation center is an integrated approach to solving the problem, the use of advanced techniques and professional psychological help. Treatment of drug addicts and alcoholics is conducted under the constant supervision of specialists, and includes several main stages:


Forced treatment of drug addicts is not the most correct practice, and it is necessary to resort to it only in exceptional cases. It is desirable that the patient himself is aware of the seriousness of his problem and wants to be treated. To this end, a number of motivational conversations are conducted with him. To get help today this is important.


Treatment of drug addiction is always an individual decision. To determine the most effective methods of treatment, a full-fledged diagnosis is carried out, causes and effects of dependence are identified, types of consumed substances are established.


Direct elimination of toxic substances from the body.


Treatment of drug addiction and alcoholism always involves rehabilitation. It includes individual and group therapy, a program for relapse prevention, etc .

Social adaptation

The patient is prepared to return to society and excludes the possibility of repeated use of drugs.

It should be understood that only complex treatment of drug addicts can have the effect that the patient and his relatives need. And it is this kind of treatment that we propose to go through at the Rehabilitation Center.

During detoxification ksenonoterapiya process is often used. It is the procedure of the body of addict’s xenon gas, which relieves pain, stabilizes the blood pressure, improves the heart function, restores sleep, has a positive effect on the psyche.

Biological methods of detoxification


At the last stage of development of dependence, the body begins to tolerate narcotic substances worse. There are health problems and violent mental disorders. To get a drug a patient is ready to commit crimes. Drug treatment and rehabilitation are the only possible way out of the situation.

  • The drug treatment center is ready to help patients at any stage of drug dependence development. The main thing is to take the first step and realize that specialists cannot do without outside assistance.
  • Behavioral therapy helps patients participate in the treatment process, change their attitudes and behaviors related to drug addiction, and learn the skills of a healthy lifestyle. Treatment of drug addiction and drug dependence can be presented in different situations, using different behavioral approaches
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy seeks to help patients learn to recognize, avoid, and cope with situations in which they can return to drugs.

Steady drug treatment programs are considered the most effective, especially for drug addicts with more serious problems. In rehabilitation centers, patients are, as a rule, from 6 to 12 months.

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